Monday, May 21, 2007

Rocky Mountain High

Well the plane ticket is bought and it is official. June 3rd at 12:00pm I'll be a temporary Colorado resident for two months. But while I still have a bit before I go out there, I'm enjoying my time home. My life has been Berruti's, hanging out with friends, and going downtown. I'm heading to the city tomorrow for a meeting and visiting some of my favorite spots before I leave.

Last Friday, it was too beautiful of a day to not do anything. We headed to Wisconsin to do some outdoor rock climbing. The excitement was definitely there, but so was my fear of heights, as I realized I was like 10 feet above rock with no rope.. sooooo I fell on my back. Kablam! Ow. Meh, I'm fine. I actually laughed and said "Eh, it's probably just my body freaking out that it fell onto the ground" amongst the "Ahhhhhh"s. Everyone else did really well. I took the positive out of the situation and realized that I have a hell of a lot of work to do before I can go out to Colorado to hike and climb. Kevin and John definitely showed everyone up with their mad skillz.

Bob also came home this weekend, so him and I got to spend plenty of time together which is nice. With him being away at school, we talk quite often but it's just better in person. We hung out with Paul, fileshared, went through his memories, play and went in Paul's hot tub. Unfortuntately, I didn't have my camera on me for any of this, what good is that! But I'll definitely have it on me tomorrow when I explore the city.

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