Saturday, May 19, 2007


Hello, blog. I am in the Dead Sea. They call it that for very good reasons. Not only is there no life in the sea itself, but there is nothing around it either. It is just a couple of hotels and the sea. Lame. I like to keep busy and just sitting around, takin' things in... not my style. Oh well. There is a spa. That is possibly the most exciting thing here. Facials, mud wraps, and massages. Oh me.

I have no pictures as of yet. When I get back, I will post them. I am presently staring at Jordan. I think that is kind of nifty. Who can say that they are directly across from Jordan right this instant? I'm wacky.

So, the religious Jews really LOVE bread. Last night was the Shabbat meal and OMG. Srsly. WTF? haha, I'll stop. Anyways, 2 whole loaves of bread for 4 people. No joke. Who needs that much bread? Not even mentioning the carb count...

It's at least amusing.

I like Tel Aviv. It's very modern and busy and awake all night. I think I am hummus-ed out. I'm pretty sure I've had it with almost every meal. Falafel! What up. I went to Jerusalem and rode a camel. Talk about religious fanatics there. Jesus. Hah, no pun intended. Yeah, it was a bit intense. But, whatevez, you know. To each his own. It was at least interesting. But, it was pouring. When the hell does it POUR and THUNDER in the Middle East? In the summer?! Bullshit. Weird.

The first day here, I was shopping in a mall (btw, they bag check every person when you enter the building for bombs and guns) and this producer totally spotted me in a shop, walked in, and proceded to ask me for 10 minutes to star in his movie. Hahaha. Oh lord. It was about Medievel times and the spot of princess was made for me, apparently. Trying to get across that I am not from here, I don't speak Hebrew, and I certainly can not act didn't exactly work. There just ain't any women like me in the Holy Land.

Gotta run, time is slowing going by here. I miss you capatalistic, fat America. You are one of a kind in a really awful way.

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