Sunday, May 20, 2007

i can not think of a good title

I finished Fast Food Nation and it was excellent. Read it if you have not. It gives details about the secret underbelly world of particularly the United States meat/foul industry and how the fast food industry really works. Honestly, the best advice in the entire book was the last paragraph. If you don't want shit in your meat and you want organic, farm raised, healthy meat then simply stop eating what the industries serve. You are the reason they can get away with it, therefore you can stop it. There are only a couple of them, there are billions of us. Outnumbered? Yes. One person refusing is a start. Be informed, don't practice ignorance and give into the lies. Is it so radical to want things the way they are originally intended to be? Apparently so. Even more radical is opposing genetic engineering and antibiotics. Genetic Enginering: It's What's For Dinner.

Killing time is tiresome. I really never want to be old. Old age is probably my biggest fear. I could not imagine being handicapped in the sense of not being able to run around and do things. How depressing.

I need to end on a better note. Opps. I'm out of time.

McDonald's is the bane of my existance,

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