Monday, May 21, 2007

Rocky Mountain High

Well the plane ticket is bought and it is official. June 3rd at 12:00pm I'll be a temporary Colorado resident for two months. But while I still have a bit before I go out there, I'm enjoying my time home. My life has been Berruti's, hanging out with friends, and going downtown. I'm heading to the city tomorrow for a meeting and visiting some of my favorite spots before I leave.

Last Friday, it was too beautiful of a day to not do anything. We headed to Wisconsin to do some outdoor rock climbing. The excitement was definitely there, but so was my fear of heights, as I realized I was like 10 feet above rock with no rope.. sooooo I fell on my back. Kablam! Ow. Meh, I'm fine. I actually laughed and said "Eh, it's probably just my body freaking out that it fell onto the ground" amongst the "Ahhhhhh"s. Everyone else did really well. I took the positive out of the situation and realized that I have a hell of a lot of work to do before I can go out to Colorado to hike and climb. Kevin and John definitely showed everyone up with their mad skillz.

Bob also came home this weekend, so him and I got to spend plenty of time together which is nice. With him being away at school, we talk quite often but it's just better in person. We hung out with Paul, fileshared, went through his memories, play and went in Paul's hot tub. Unfortuntately, I didn't have my camera on me for any of this, what good is that! But I'll definitely have it on me tomorrow when I explore the city.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

i can not think of a good title

I finished Fast Food Nation and it was excellent. Read it if you have not. It gives details about the secret underbelly world of particularly the United States meat/foul industry and how the fast food industry really works. Honestly, the best advice in the entire book was the last paragraph. If you don't want shit in your meat and you want organic, farm raised, healthy meat then simply stop eating what the industries serve. You are the reason they can get away with it, therefore you can stop it. There are only a couple of them, there are billions of us. Outnumbered? Yes. One person refusing is a start. Be informed, don't practice ignorance and give into the lies. Is it so radical to want things the way they are originally intended to be? Apparently so. Even more radical is opposing genetic engineering and antibiotics. Genetic Enginering: It's What's For Dinner.

Killing time is tiresome. I really never want to be old. Old age is probably my biggest fear. I could not imagine being handicapped in the sense of not being able to run around and do things. How depressing.

I need to end on a better note. Opps. I'm out of time.

McDonald's is the bane of my existance,

Saturday, May 19, 2007


Hello, blog. I am in the Dead Sea. They call it that for very good reasons. Not only is there no life in the sea itself, but there is nothing around it either. It is just a couple of hotels and the sea. Lame. I like to keep busy and just sitting around, takin' things in... not my style. Oh well. There is a spa. That is possibly the most exciting thing here. Facials, mud wraps, and massages. Oh me.

I have no pictures as of yet. When I get back, I will post them. I am presently staring at Jordan. I think that is kind of nifty. Who can say that they are directly across from Jordan right this instant? I'm wacky.

So, the religious Jews really LOVE bread. Last night was the Shabbat meal and OMG. Srsly. WTF? haha, I'll stop. Anyways, 2 whole loaves of bread for 4 people. No joke. Who needs that much bread? Not even mentioning the carb count...

It's at least amusing.

I like Tel Aviv. It's very modern and busy and awake all night. I think I am hummus-ed out. I'm pretty sure I've had it with almost every meal. Falafel! What up. I went to Jerusalem and rode a camel. Talk about religious fanatics there. Jesus. Hah, no pun intended. Yeah, it was a bit intense. But, whatevez, you know. To each his own. It was at least interesting. But, it was pouring. When the hell does it POUR and THUNDER in the Middle East? In the summer?! Bullshit. Weird.

The first day here, I was shopping in a mall (btw, they bag check every person when you enter the building for bombs and guns) and this producer totally spotted me in a shop, walked in, and proceded to ask me for 10 minutes to star in his movie. Hahaha. Oh lord. It was about Medievel times and the spot of princess was made for me, apparently. Trying to get across that I am not from here, I don't speak Hebrew, and I certainly can not act didn't exactly work. There just ain't any women like me in the Holy Land.

Gotta run, time is slowing going by here. I miss you capatalistic, fat America. You are one of a kind in a really awful way.

Friday, May 11, 2007

and everybody knows, almost doesn't count.

And here we are. Jen's idea, I find it rather fabulous, no? There is so much to be done and said. Life is never consistant. That is really the only thing that is consistant about it.

I resigned from Hot Topic yesterday. Four years of mall retail hell with an influx of mall gawth brats and I loved every single solitary second. My soul belongs to that place and always fucking will. My DM and SM already asked me when I want to come back. Smiles. On that note, I realized that I own way too much clothes. Try 2.5 closets. I need to get rid of my shit. Julia's mom is going to put a bunch on my crap in their community garage sale while I'm in Europe. Plato's Closet to sell the rest and my friends can pick through anything they want. okay? By the way, I left HT spending $220. I surely know how to blow money. And I went out with style:

Julia and I went out for a girl's night of sushi, gossiping, and sno cones. I went out with my boss, I suppose ex-boss, last night for late night Denny's. She's totally batty and it is lovely. She loves rough sex and hard goth music. Amazing. ...for only those reasons? I will miss Julia immensely as she is basically my soulmate. Talk about a walking rainbow disaster on heels. A 12 year old looks like it took over our rooms and re-decorated and threw in some sex toys? ...Right!

I got my hair re-done again.

...And because Jen hate's this picture:

I have yet to pack, it's 1:17 AM and my flight is at 9:30 AM. Opps. I'm off to the Middle East. I'm sure it'll be insane, it always is. There is something special going on over there, that is really the only reason I can see why it is the Holy Land. You'd have to go there to get it. You'd feel it too. And I am certainly not religious.

I'm out. I'm gonna forget about things and move, move, move. It is how I am. I am in touch with my youth and freedom.


Thursday, May 10, 2007

And here we are.

So summer has officially began. I'm in the burbs, Alexis is in Springfield. It's funny that we can be so far apart and won't see each other for months, but we still text and call and say 'question mark' and fab and know what each other means. <3 bff fo sho.

I leave for Colorado in less than a month and it still hasn't hit me completely. I got my old job at Berruti's until I leave and everything seems to be similar to last year- going on short hikes, bonfires with friends, late night phone calls. But all of this is temporary for me before I pick up and move to a city where I know noone.

To begin this summer of growing, learning, etc, I have new hair to start off some changes.
Tomorrow, I may get pierced. New friends, new surroundings, new look, new me, I suppose.

Cheers to a John Hughes-esque summer of independence.