Thursday, May 10, 2007

And here we are.

So summer has officially began. I'm in the burbs, Alexis is in Springfield. It's funny that we can be so far apart and won't see each other for months, but we still text and call and say 'question mark' and fab and know what each other means. <3 bff fo sho.

I leave for Colorado in less than a month and it still hasn't hit me completely. I got my old job at Berruti's until I leave and everything seems to be similar to last year- going on short hikes, bonfires with friends, late night phone calls. But all of this is temporary for me before I pick up and move to a city where I know noone.

To begin this summer of growing, learning, etc, I have new hair to start off some changes.
Tomorrow, I may get pierced. New friends, new surroundings, new look, new me, I suppose.

Cheers to a John Hughes-esque summer of independence.

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