Friday, May 11, 2007

and everybody knows, almost doesn't count.

And here we are. Jen's idea, I find it rather fabulous, no? There is so much to be done and said. Life is never consistant. That is really the only thing that is consistant about it.

I resigned from Hot Topic yesterday. Four years of mall retail hell with an influx of mall gawth brats and I loved every single solitary second. My soul belongs to that place and always fucking will. My DM and SM already asked me when I want to come back. Smiles. On that note, I realized that I own way too much clothes. Try 2.5 closets. I need to get rid of my shit. Julia's mom is going to put a bunch on my crap in their community garage sale while I'm in Europe. Plato's Closet to sell the rest and my friends can pick through anything they want. okay? By the way, I left HT spending $220. I surely know how to blow money. And I went out with style:

Julia and I went out for a girl's night of sushi, gossiping, and sno cones. I went out with my boss, I suppose ex-boss, last night for late night Denny's. She's totally batty and it is lovely. She loves rough sex and hard goth music. Amazing. ...for only those reasons? I will miss Julia immensely as she is basically my soulmate. Talk about a walking rainbow disaster on heels. A 12 year old looks like it took over our rooms and re-decorated and threw in some sex toys? ...Right!

I got my hair re-done again.

...And because Jen hate's this picture:

I have yet to pack, it's 1:17 AM and my flight is at 9:30 AM. Opps. I'm off to the Middle East. I'm sure it'll be insane, it always is. There is something special going on over there, that is really the only reason I can see why it is the Holy Land. You'd have to go there to get it. You'd feel it too. And I am certainly not religious.

I'm out. I'm gonna forget about things and move, move, move. It is how I am. I am in touch with my youth and freedom.


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