Thursday, July 12, 2007

This is exactly what I have been doing all night:

I tried absinthe earlier this eve to find out it tastes just like licorice. Who knew? Then I spent the rest of my night trying on my new outfits and deducing I have excellent taste, indeed. Meanwhile, as I did this, I danced to some sweet tunes. Then I had this period of reading my all time favorite trashy magazine, US Weekly, while sipping Diet Coke and listening to the Cure repeatedly. I moved on to reading pages about my Cancer disposition because generally what they say is so very true that is makes me giggle outloud and smile a lot more. Julia and I have been looking at cute online shopping websites and talking, which is what prompted me to come here.

Luv Usako [1:50 AM]: what is your sign?
Frog151515 [1:54 AM]: pices
Frog151515 [1:54 AM]: sorry this book is getting steamy lol
Frog151515 [1:54 AM]: i miss having available sex
Frog151515 [1:55 AM]: my sex is in michigan
Frog151515 [1:55 AM]: this fucking sucks.
Luv Usako [1:55 AM]: no wonder we are friends
Luv Usako [1:55 AM]: and a like
Luv Usako [1:55 AM]: haha wow
Frog151515 [1:56 AM]: are you emotionally capable of having a fuck buddy?
Luv Usako [1:56 AM]: no
Luv Usako [1:56 AM]: lol
Frog151515 [1:56 AM]: god dammit alexis
Luv Usako [1:56 AM]: lollllll
Luv Usako [1:57 AM]: i find sex to be rather abstract
Frog151515 [1:58 AM]: well, since fuck buddy is out of the question..
Frog151515 [1:58 AM]: how about european "fling"
Frog151515 [1:58 AM]: it's like a fuck buddy you'll never see again after august
Frog151515 [1:58 AM]: no akwardness
Frog151515 [1:58 AM]: just orgasms
Luv Usako [1:58 AM]: i'm loling hardcord over here
Frog151515 [1:58 AM]: hahaha good
Luv Usako [1:58 AM]: alas i do not know any men
Frog151515 [1:59 AM]: just find one!
Luv Usako [1:59 AM]: and when i see a man, i am usually appauled
Frog151515 [1:59 AM]: "hello, my name is alexis and i'd love to take you home, get you drunk and have sex with you on every inch of my apartment."
Frog151515 [1:59 AM]: that's all you have to do
Luv Usako [1:59 AM]: LMAO
Luv Usako [2:00 AM]: i love you
Luv Usako [2:00 AM]: you know, if i was drunk and desparate enough, i would have no problems saying that
Luv Usako [2:00 AM]: when do i care
Luv Usako [2:00 AM]: lol


Luv Usako [2:49 AM]: you know what i was thinking
Luv Usako [2:50 AM]: on my wedding day when someone asks me if i am nervous, because they always do, i will respond with, "no." and they will ask why. ..."why would i be afraid of marriage? i have tattoos. they are far more permanent than any marriage."
Frog151515 [2:50 AM]: lol
Frog151515 [2:51 AM]: i'm sure i'll be the one asking
Luv Usako [2:51 AM]: hahaha
Luv Usako [2:57 AM]: i do not think of my wedding
Luv Usako [2:57 AM]: in the sense of planning
Luv Usako [2:57 AM]: at all
Luv Usako [2:57 AM]: or children's names or any of that
Luv Usako [2:57 AM]: i guess i'm weirdly not a girl in that way
Frog151515 [2:58 AM]: i plan everything when i'm bored
Frog151515 [2:58 AM]: outfits, art projects, room ideas, etc
Luv Usako [2:58 AM]: if i have a plan for tomorrow, i'm doing good. lol
Luv Usako [2:58 AM]: oh i do that
Luv Usako [2:58 AM]: but not big life decisions involving another person
Luv Usako [2:58 AM]: me? i can handle that daydream
Frog151515 [2:58 AM]: ah
Luv Usako [2:58 AM]: i'm really okay with just me
Luv Usako [2:58 AM]: lol
Frog151515 [2:59 AM]: lol
Frog151515 [2:59 AM]: well you have me too
Frog151515 [2:59 AM]: and someday a small poodle, i'm sure
Luv Usako [2:59 AM]: hahaha. i think up shopping trips and sets for vanity shot
Luv Usako [2:59 AM]: the poodle
Luv Usako [2:59 AM]: i will have
Luv Usako [2:59 AM]: it will be my child!
Luv Usako [2:59 AM]: dammit
Frog151515 [3:00 AM]: but with the poodle will be a handsome, tall, tattooed, wealthy man (think alt. music record executive) that will have your name tattooed around his ring finger
Luv Usako [3:00 AM]: and now i have that sweet bicycle with the basket in the front. i simply must have the tiny poodle now.
Frog151515 [3:00 AM]: oh god, yes!
Frog151515 [3:00 AM]: i'm getting a hedgehog
Frog151515 [3:00 AM]: his name will be boo
Frog151515 [3:00 AM]: boo the boy
Luv Usako [3:00 AM]: hahahaha
Luv Usako [3:00 AM]: i love you
Luv Usako [3:01 AM]: you must
Frog151515 [3:01 AM]: look at it
Frog151515 [3:01 AM]:
Frog151515 [3:01 AM]: it's adorable
Frog151515 [3:01 AM]: lol
Luv Usako [3:01 AM]: hahahahahahahaha
Luv Usako [3:01 AM]: omg
Luv Usako [3:01 AM]: it is!
Luv Usako [3:01 AM]: fabulous
Frog151515 [3:01 AM]: this ones the best
Frog151515 [3:01 AM]:
Luv Usako [3:01 AM]: ah
Luv Usako [3:01 AM]: itty bitty
Frog151515 [3:02 AM]: i know
Frog151515 [3:02 AM]: i will carry it around in my purse
Frog151515 [3:02 AM]: and if waiters treat me badly i will let it poop on the floor and then complain
Luv Usako [3:02 AM]: we will be quite the team
Luv Usako [3:03 AM]: with an entourage
Luv Usako [3:03 AM]: of small beings
Frog151515 [3:04 AM]: hahha yess
Luv Usako [3:07 AM]: loves it
Luv Usako [3:07 AM]: i know, i need to marry someone fabulous that will spoil me dead rotten
Luv Usako [3:07 AM]: i am vastly too in love with the finer aspects of life
Luv Usako [3:07 AM]: it is awful
Luv Usako [3:08 AM]: but they must be aesthetically appealing and i only like ink and a nice upper body
Luv Usako [3:08 AM]: and blue eyes
Luv Usako [3:08 AM]: psh

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