Sunday, July 1, 2007

Confidence is a Green Speedo

Colorado's been going. After a small dialog with Illegal Pete's guy, not much has happened which is really disappointing. I'm also kind of ancipating July 4th since that's such a social holiday but we'll see how it goes. Socially, it's kind of slow here but I'm enjoying the rest of it. I miss Chicago terribly, but I know when I get back to the city, I'll miss being out here.

We went to Steamboat Springs, CO this weekend for the Trail Running Championships we were sponsoring. Colin and I drove up in the GoLite mobile, talking about everything from music to sports to how Colorado keeps blowing us away. We got in, set up for Saturday, met up with Dan and had dinner. Over pub food, we talked about the future of GoLite, which direction the company is trying to move into, and how we're going to get there. It's interesting to be involved at this time because instead of being established and knowing exactly what works, we don't. We are all learning together and it's really cool to see that. Then the 3 of us walked around town and then got drinks. My roommies, Kyle, Shay, and Meghan joined us back at the hotel and we hit the sack.

The race went awesome. I was the GoLite booth girl so I hawked our products, met tons of people, and got free stuff! Then we tubed the Yampa River. Backdoor Outfitters was the main tube rental company and the shuttle driver was definitely proud to be a backdoor kinda guy. (insert many many dirty jokes here). Floating along in the river, going through rapids, paddling along, it was all so peaceful. I did a lot of thinking and realized everything I need is here. Good people, good times, living life and making the best of it, staying positive, working hard and playing hard. It was so amazing, those moments of clarity. If I could, I'd pack up and move to Steamboat right there. But what a quirky town that was.
We took plenty of pictures, Kyle walked around town in his green speedo and got honked at more than Meghan and I did. Then dinner, some tequila and lemonade to celebrate the weekend and Kyle making Primal Quest, sock wrestling, music discussions, and late night talks about life with Shay.

Sunday, we got some breakfast at Winona's and Colin and I headed back home, more talks about life, Colorado, music, etc. We listened to way too much Dropkick Murphys all weekend. I really can't pick out one good thing from this weekend, it was all just amazing. My only complaint is that being under 21 sucks. It limits just how much I can be included in things. But really, I can't ask for a better job or a group of people to be with.

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