Friday, June 29, 2007

Where nothing but earthly pleasures seem to matter:

What the fuck gives, mate?

Today has been exciting in good olde London!:
1. Car bomb was detonated in Central London - Piccadilly Circle. ...ahem, al-Quada.
2. Holborn Tube station [where my school is located]: man was under a train. There were about a million Metro policemen.
3. FIRE! Yes, indeed, I saw a fire within the alley in front of my kitchen window whilst I baked chocolate chip cookies [I was feeling particularly domestic today-- I baked cookies for my kitchenmates.]

London is, to say the least, a bit hectic as we speak. Metro police are everywhere and the underground has a lot of "protection".

Oh, dear.

It is afternoon; I am ready for bed.
I am ready to exist again.
But, I just can't bring myself.

I am in some very extraordinary good mood as it seems and having a dance party with myself. I think I may mosey over to the lounge and watch The Big Lebowski at 11. Sadly, I do lack a Caucasian. I have been bidding my time with excessive shopping. It does so bring a smile to my lips, something rare now-a-days. As well as the never-ending exploration of Medieval alleyways. That is off-topic. I have acquired about 5 dresses, one of which is from Kate Moss' line at TopShop. It is sale season in London and I spied a Burberry scarf that should most likely be mine.

I hold your hands so you won't steal anything, I take your drugs so you don't feel anything,


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