Thursday, June 21, 2007

I am milk.

I went to the Victoria and Albert Museum after class this afternoon. I am progressively becoming a museum junkie. It is grand.

Anyway, my favorite part was the fashion section, naturally. Hah. I love the history of fashion and how it has evolved. Seeing it in person? Brilliant. Although, they had a very extensive Asian and South Asia section which was fascinating.

Harrod's. Can I have an unlimited credit card? Please? I was in a room with Chanel, Burberry, Fendi, Chole, and Yves Saint Laurant handbags. All. In. One. Room. I think I may have died a little. It was just gorgeous. There were no words. I lust after them. I am not an envious person, but god damn, Harrod's makes me greedy! Oh, the glorious handbags! Ah. I then sauntered into a room full of Valentino evening gowns. I almost cried. There were tears forming. I literally had to leave. So, I did. Alas, I can not buy all those pretties, so I bought some Harrod's themed gifts. Tea, a grocery bag for next year, and a key chain. Oh, how I love you, Harrod's. Vivienne Westwood's various lines were there. Oh my god, I can't explain my joy. The red line. The winter coat. The jewelry. Oh, oh.

Speaking of Miss Westwood, I went to the first store she ever opened today. World's End on King's Road, down the street from my room. I walked into living history, fashion genius. It was surreal.

Best couch ever, made out of Harrod's bears.

Shirley Manson is a goddess.

I don't know where to go tomorrow. You should tell me. Touristy sights or blow money at markets? I'm going to Camden Town on Saturday for some inky fun, so I suppose it'll be the touristy business. I wonder how that will go. Ideas, I tell you. I got 'em floatin' in this head.

I'm bored. I've been uploading photobucket all evening. I take too many pictures. 350ish so far.

I've run out of anything productive to say in this for the evening. I'm afraid if I continue, other unpleasant things will leak into my words, corrupting the sole purpose of Caffeine Infused Reality as a travel log of sorts. My other journals need tending to. This is not my idea of a good time.

Ah, by the by, I am rather drunk, as it stands. I write quite well in this state. Super.

Choke on guilt, that's far too good for you,

I wish I could fly, as angels can fly.

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