Monday, July 7, 2008

In the bullet train from Tokyo to Los Angeles.

Myself, Ashley, Nikki, and Sofia in front of the big Buddha in Kamakura!

Shibuya, Tokyo.

I fail at blogging, at least this blog in particular. Livejournal and I have become close, again, though. I find myself not knowing what is appropriate to write in each blog, though.

Since I last spoke with you all, I have moved to Tokyo. It is wild. Although, I miss an Anglo-based country for the most part. I shouldn't be comparing, but I am only human... I enjoyed living in London last year more than living here. It is ironic because I never wanted to live in London, only in Tokyo. My mother's pressures for me to become "refined and cultured", or to add to it, is what brought me there. Of course, mother knew best. I fell in love with that city at seven and never forgot it. Neither did she. What seven year old acts the way I did about a European capital?


Purikura is intense!


My Japanese is horrible which should surprise no one. Trash cans do not exist here and oftentimes soap in bathrooms. Japanese style toilets are, honestly, just plain stupid. Japanese style houses, though, are quaint. It is a far cry from what I would consider comfortable, but the differences are what makes it interesting and enjoyable. On a cheap note, I am a lard in this country. Literally, anything beyond a size six is fat here. I am, alas, a 8/10. So, clothing shopping has been minimal, but damn do I have some fabulous accessories and new cute toys.

The girls, Mike Shallow, and myself went to one of the top ten dance clubs in the world one weekend. It's called Womb. Apparently, it has the second best sound system in a club in the world and I would believe it. 4 floors, three or four bars, several DJ areas... best light show I had ever seen. You didn't even need drugs, hah.

To occupy myself and further my dorky enjoyment, I've taken to looking for all the vegan restaurants and cafe's that I can find. I believe I have a vegan nose. So far, I have found several restaurants on my lonesome. I've been to 4 places and one bakery so far. Found two all natural, organic grocery stores too. My inner vegan is giddy at the chance of new experiences and knowing I will not run into fish broth on total accident. My birthday cake below was all vegan. Tasted like banana bread, mmm.

Host mother, sister, and I.

In host mother's kimono.

What else is different? Tattoos are taboo. Talking on your cell phone on the train is frowned upon. I feel like McDonald's is a bigger deal here than in America. Tamago terriyaki burger, anyone? Starbucks is around a lot. I'm getting my expensive java fix. Cigarette vending machines... booze vending machines. A certain type of drink called a, "chu-hi". Cheap, yet delicious in some flavors (go with mango or apple!).
Cycling counter-culture is huge here. I have seen so many hipster bikers. Ahhh... I love it. Only seen a couple Chrome bags so far, though. ;]
The thing I find of interest most to me is not the place itself, more my reaction. I've changed in the past year. That is all I can put on it. I am not at all who I was a year ago and this little dream I had and am now living... means less to me than it probably ever did. I am grateful, do not get me wrong. Incredible experience and even more beautiful, amazing people I have met here... but for what I need inside my heart and soul. It isn't there anymore. Somewhere... I lost it. It was replaced, I suppose, with some other dreams and over zealous desires to achieve other, more pressing things. I find myself more "homesick" here than in any of the other places around the world I have lived. It is no different than any one of those places, yet my priorities have changed and that is why I feel this way. The mere fact that I am physically here must show that I was to belong here.
I should stop over thinking.

Shibuya crossing... busiest intersection in the world!

Me at Sensoji Shrine in Asakusa.

Tarina Tarintino and I!

Went to New York Bar at the Park Hyatt Tokyo for my 21st birthday.
(The bar from Lost In Translation.)

Only in Japan.

Maybe you'll get what you want this time around,

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