Friday, May 23, 2008


I've been listening to the Dropkicks way too much for my own good.

Anyways, I'm in Riga, Latvia as I type and there are many British folks here coming home from the European finals that took place in Moscow on Wednesday. Ahhh.. futbol.

I'm pretty bored and I can't wait to return to America. Let's see. I went to Tel Aviv, Israel for a couple days to see my sister and my new niece, Yahli, who is adorable. My mother and my sister argued a lot, there was crying and me mediating and I basically hated my existence while my brother-in-law looked on sympathetically. Same old, same old. Then, I was taken to the end of the world, literally, the Dead Sea. 6 days of nothing. I mean nothing but salty water. I read a 400 page book, sketched, wrote 16 post cards, and a 3 page letter (which was not just a letter, but rather kind of a scrapbook + letter) I never sent. Went to Riga for a day, spent the next 6 in Liepaja where my aunt and cousins live. The only form of technology I had in the time was the BBC World News as it was the only channel in English. I am amazingly knowledgeable on the big bad things of the world now (because the news is never positive). Did you know 1.5 million people die of TB every year and 6 million people are infected? Who knew consumption was still so, er, popular. So.. 3 movies as the theater plays them in English with Russian and Latvian subtitles, Indiana Jones, Speed Racer, What Happens in Vegas. Manchester United vs. Chelsea. iPod on the balcony. Giving up on Nietzsche after a chapter because my brain veto-ed after reading two 400 page books the week before. Latvian beer. My 15 and a half year old cousin who knows English but is embarrassed of her Russian accent so won't speak and only responds to me with, "Yes", "No", "I don't know.", or shrugs. Great conversation piece, let me tell you. To top it off, she has got herself a tiny fashion mullet and scenester clothing minus actually being affiliated with any sort of musical styling. Siggh.

My letter to the USA:

Dear Lady Liberty,

I could kiss you. Let's go to whatever state actually let's gay people get married (is it Mass? CT? Can't remember.) and get hitched.

Love and cupcakes from your devoted exiled countrywoman,

Sorry Jen --- Lady Liberty is my new wifey. Hah!

Riga, Latvia.


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Photo of The House of Blackheads in Riga Latvia's Town Hall Square courtesy of Patricia Tourist Office.