Monday, September 3, 2007

And in the end, what do we have to show?

So both Alexis and I traveled all summer. I spent a very crazy week in Salt Lake City full of my 30 year old coworkers buying me 3.2 beer, going to see the Bourne Ultimatum, making incredible contacts, getting job offers, meeting Chris Sharma, Daniel Woods, Alex Puccio, and Jason Kehl. I got screwed over when the afterparty was 21+ but had an amazing night outside of Park City at Canice's house for the GoLite Party. I miss my coworkers terribly now that I am back in Chicago. As we were packing up and leaving that night, I saw more stars than I ever have in my life. I asked Colin "Do they have this many stars in Colorado too?" He laughed and nodded. I said "I am sooo moving back here then." and he replied "We've been waiting all summer to hear you say that!" It was a very pleasant ending to a whirlwind week.

Since then, Alexis and I moved into our apartment in the heart of Chicago. We couldn't be in a better location and we're surrounded by friends and tons of things to do. Jason and I visit each other almost daily, Alexis and I walk to the beach to lay out and study. We make cocktails and watch Sex and the City regularly. We also named our place "The Copacabana" because we felt it was very fitting. Our first party here went pretty well. Less attendance than I would have liked but my vegan cupcakes were a hit.

Speaking of vegans, we go to the Chicago Diner quite regularly and are starting to know the waiters by name. They, however, forgot our names and refer to us simply as "the Ladies" but it has a ring to it so we don't complain.

School is school. Alexis and I both are business majors in denial. Business majors who never want to go into business. Go figure. But we suck it up and make plans to go shopping after class to get through the day. H&M has taken a chunk out of my budget but I look fab so oh well!

And such is life, I suppose. It's been wonderful, dear readers. Until next summer, perhaps. Au Revoir.

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